These are the courses I am teaching in 2021-2022. They address foundational topics in Human-Centered Computing with different emphasis: from User Interface Design to Social Computing. All of them follow a research-based teaching approach and include a societal perspective on computing as a transversal theme.

Human-Centered Computing (60 hours)// Master in Data Science at Unibz. This course provides theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills on key terms, methods, and techniques to develop – and reflect on – computing systems and data products that consider people and their contexts.

Fundamentals of Computer Science for Communication (45 hours)// Bachelor in Communication Sciences and Culture at Unibz. This course is designed to give students an overview of Computer Science research and development with a unique focus on the interaction between digital technologies and people.

Foundations of Research (10 hours)// PhD course in Computer Science at Unibz. I teach a module on tech ethics at the Computer Science PhD programme. The course combines theory and practical examples on ethical issues on computing systems and data products.

Human-Centered GUI Design (10 hours)// Bachelor in Computer Science. This course provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills on prototyping and evaluating graphic user interfaces.