These are the courses I teach at the Free University of Bolzano. My research spans different disciplines and I also teach in different faculties. Similar to my research, my teaching spans different disciplines. At unibz I teach in the Computer Science PhD School, Computational Data Science MSc, Computer Science BSc, and Communication Science and Culture BA. In my teaching, I follow a case-based approach and include a societal perspective on computing as a transversal theme.

Human-Centered Computing (60 hours)// Master in Data Science at unibz. This course provides theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills on key terms, methods, and techniques to develop and reflect on computing systems and data products that consider people and their contexts.

Fundamentals of Computer Science for Communication (45 hours)// Bachelor in Communication Sciences and Culture at unibz. This course is designed to give students an overview of Computer Science research and development with a unique focus on the interaction between digital technologies and people. This is a hands-on course where students learn how to design and prototype digital products.

Foundations of Research (10 hours)// PhD course in Computer Science at unibz. This is a module which I developed entirely and focuses on tech ethics. The course combines theory and practical examples of ethical issues on computing systems and data products.

Human-Centered GUI Design (10 hours)// Bachelor in Computer Science. This course provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills in prototyping and evaluating graphic user interfaces.